UNIPRO – NOW 10 Days Delivered

The world is changing with an increasingly faster speed. Yet many businesses are still trying to maintain the status quo of old processes and systems. The winners of the future are those companies that can adapt to the changes that are happening if their respective markets and the world.

UNIPRO is a relatively new company as it was established in 2007. Yet in its short history it has introduced many market firsts in its business of Lighting Tracks.

  • 2010 UNIPRO introduced a 3-phase track with Flat coppers where the connectors could be connected with plug&play method making it fast and easy to install.
  • Also in 2010 UNIPRO introduced an L-Corner connector, which could be turned over so, that the earth side is switched based on the need of the installation.
  • In 2016 UNIPRO introduced their first Bluetooth based Track Adapter allowing Lighting Fixtures to be connected and controlled via Bluetooth Mesh network.
  • In 2018 UNIPRO introduced the worlds fist PVC- and Halogen free DALI Lighting Track, and soon after all the track connector parts were changed too.
  • 2021 UNIPRO moved to a new production facility and warehouse that increases the speed of production by 6 times compared to an old factory
  • 2021 UNIPRO stopped using plastic in all accessories and tracks packages reducing the use of plastics by 1 tonne annually

These are all important facts regarding UNIPRO’s commitment to providing our customers the best possible products and services. However, one of the most important thing is to come.

Traditionally the delivery times of Lighting Tracks from the manufacturer can be quite long and the order process takes time. Also the tracks are quite tall and shipping them in different corners of the world is costly and time consuming.

Furthermore, the end customers using tracks and track-lighting are demanding more services and speed. New installations are well planned and coordinated and everything must go to plan. So, therefore in order to supply customers with the necessary speed, one needs a large stock or faster services to be able to supply customers. Keeping a large stock is good, but obviously ties down a lot of companies available cash, that could be used more effectively elsewhere.

To solve this issue UNIPRO is launching a new 10DD service to its customers with a fixed freight cost. This means a 10 day delivery to the customer in Europe for small and medium sized orders. The freight cost for these orders is fixed to €250, that makes this not only super fast but also very inexpensive. This also means that UNIPRO customers will get their tracks and parts in 10 days after they have made the order, which is very fast.

This offer covers UNIPRO 3-phase and 3-phase DALI surface tracks in 1,2m, 2m, 2,4m and 3m lengths.

We believe this will be very important, specially for the small and medium sized customer. It will also help our larger customers manage their stock more efficiently. And it helps both to supply their customers the UNIPRO tracks they need faster.


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