Unipro® lighting tracks at Restaurant Nallikari

A200 Adapter series – easy to install and easy to use!

We are pleased to introduce the newest member of our adapter product range: the A200 Series – In-Track adapters with integrated LED Driver.  A bunch of valued features in a thin package!

Our A200 Series has been developed to assist modern and streamlined track light design.

The A200 adapters are easy to install, like all other unipro® adapters, and are compatible with most common 3-phase tracks.

Thanks to the DIP switch system these adapters are easy to adjust to suit your installation needs.

On the technical side, we have paid close attention to protecting the LED module to guarantee a long lifetime and a high quality of light. 

The A200 Adapters are available with a range of power selections, in black and white finishes.


unipro A203B 


unipro A203W

Test unipro® adapters! Our adapter selection is available in a convenient sample box now.

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