Unipro Oy Ltd. History

Unipro’s history dates back to 2007 when Lumisys Oy was founded, initially with a sole focus on track adapters. In 2010 Lumisys joined the family-owned Propria Group, benefiting from their 65 years of experience and knowledge. The company’s name was changed to its current form ‘Unipro Oy Ltd.’ in 2015.

Production was expanded from track adapters to include track systems during 2012, and Unipro introduced the world’s first PVC and Halogen-free track system in 2018.

Unipro offers a platform for advanced lighting solutions. The company invests in high-quality products, automation, modern design, and smooth installation. The company’s main products are 3-phase track systems (with and without DALI controls), connectors, and adapters that enable the design of flexible spotlight systems and the optimization of lighting in both private and public buildings.

Unipro operates globally, exporting 95% of its products to over 60 countries worldwide. Currently, Unipro’s customers are spread across Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Central America and we welcome any opportunity across the planet.

Unipro is now making the leap needed to compete in the current market environment. To achieve this, Unipro is now investing in a new manufacturing facility based in Finland, due to begin operation in 2021. Our new facility will allow us to further increase our quality, speed and service. This investment also underlines our commitment to improving environmental sustainability wherever possible.

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