Targeting zero-plastic packaging

UNIPRO 2022 ACCESSORIES AND ADAPTERS PACKAGING CONCEPT delivers an environmentally friendly and effective packing solution that promises greater value.

Plastic pollution: Are we viewing it from the right angle?

Around 300 tonnes of plastic waste are produced every year. Despite the wide usage of this material, only a small amount of it is recycled. Unfortunately, the same outstanding characteristic that makes plastic become such a crucial material in modern society – its durability – turns out to be harmful to the environment.

It is reported that without further actions, there would be approximately 37 metric tonnes of plastic accumulating in the ocean annually by 2040 (UNEP, 2021). Recycling alone is not the solution. We must reduce the amount of plastic where we can.


Unipro is aiming to decrease its plastic footprint and has announced a new packaging concept for accessories and adapters that its

  • Zero plastic
  • Recyclable & certified cardboard
  • Sealed packages & quality-controlled items
  • Easier storage and transportation

Standardised quality, extra sustainability

Whilst still ensuring the requirements for sturdiness and safety in delivery and storing are met, the new packaging material allows effortless recycling.

Unipro estimates that the use of plastic is reduced by 600-900kg per year using the new packages. The aim is to develop and improve the packages to build sustainable, environmentally friendly and effective packaging solutions that will be suitable for all unipro® products and customers.

Each product box is quality-controlled and sealed to ensure the products are guaranteed unipro® quality.

Agile operation & Cost efficiency

Rather than using individual plastic bags in large boxes, Unipro uses smaller boxes with no plastic. This will keep the products in good condition, reducing any wear and tear, and the possibility of breakage. This also provides a better option for storage and helps ensure transportation of the products to installation sites in good shape.

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