unipro® lighting tracks at the largest pet food chain across the Nordic


Lighting can affect buying behaviour

Studies show that well-designed and implemented lighting can influence purchasing behaviour. It is therefore not surprising that companies pay special attention to their store lighting.

Musti ja Mirri, the largest pet food chain across the Nordic countries, is one of the companies that is now renewing the lighting of its stores at a rapid pace. The company has chosen the Finnish Ledimo Oy’s LED EasyTrack Line concept for the lighting of its stores. The concept includes white unipro® 3-phase lighting tracks.

There are about 130 Musti ja Mirri stores being refreshed and the project will last approximately two years.

“I am pleased to be cooperating with a domestic lighting supplier,” says Teija Haapa-aho, Unipro’s regional sales manager. “I think the EasyTrack Line concept has a good market.”

With careful planning for the best results

Ledimo models each store before renewing the lighting. Before the store plans are put to paper and reach the design table, the space to be renovated is inspected and measured on-site. This ensures that the store receives the correct light output and that all aspects related to the lighting are taken into account with sufficient accuracy.

Punctual deliveries

Unipro® product orders for the Musti ja Mirri stores are always placed on a store-by-store basis, approximately one week before the installation work is scheduled to begin. Logistics and timing need to work perfectly, as there are no facilities in the stores to keep lighting supplies, and electricians don’t have time to wait for goods to arrive.

“Cooperation with Unipro has worked out well” praises Ledimo Oy’s CEO Ari Varjonen, and continues, “the response has been impressive when something has needed adjusting or there has been some confusion with the delivery.”

Cost-effective installation and use

Varjonen says that the decision-making of the Musti ja Mirri chain was primarily influenced by the cost-effectiveness of the lighting concept, with the EasyTrack Line concept providing the best value to implement. The system is delivered pre-installed and the power of the luminaire is adjusted with a clear DIP switch. In the future, this will allow the store staff to relocate, reposition and dim the luminaires.

“The lighting of the Musti ja Mirri stores is renewed by a particular installation team. Such activities can be carried out significantly faster and allow the project to progress when a new installation can mirror what has already been done” says CEO Varjonen about the practical implementation.

The lighting system accompanies the move

The EasyTrack Line concept involves retaining any fixed lighting in the store space but switching it off. This is a useful advantage as Musti and Mirri are usually occupy their premises as tenants. At the end of the tenancy, it is simple to switch the landlord’s lights back on and take your lighting system to the next destination with the rest of the fixtures.

“We originally developed the EasyTrack Line concept for store lighting. Now the concept has also been delivered to offices, gyms and other basic locations,” reveals Ari Varjonen.

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