Why choose Unipro?

Sustainable quality from Finland

Unipro Oy Ltd with its parent company Meka Pro Ltd are both part of the privately owned Propria Group in Finland. Unipro (www.unipro.fi) is specialized in manufacturing high-quality lighting track products. Unipro products are already sold in over 50 countries. The new and modern factory is located in Hämeenlinna, Finland, close to all the main routes and harbors.

Green Aluminium

Manufacturing Green Aluminium lighting tracks, Unipro embodies a commitment to environmental stewardship, renewable energy, and circular economy principles. By choosing to invest in and promote these sustainable practices, Unipro not only contributes to a brighter and more energy-efficient future but also sets an example for the manufacturing industry worldwide. 1 tonne of Green Aluminium reduces CO2 emission by 9 tonnes.

PVC and halogen free plastics

Elements like fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astate are found in many chemical compounds like in PVC (polyvinylchoride). PVC is also used for insulation while other halogens are added to improve flame protection. However, halogens are harmful to human health. Notably, in a situation where halogenated plastics and particularly PVC, burn. In a case of fire, these halogens react with water or fluids and create a dangerous hydrochloric acid, other mixtures of dioxins, and toxic chemicals. These can seriously damage health or even cause some mortalities. This is why all Unipro connectors, adapters, and 3-phase DALI tracks are manufactured completely using PVC- and Halogen-free plastics.

Plastic free packages

Humans are sinking the world with plastic. This is an enormous challenge for our environment. We need to act and that is why we at Unipro decided to remove as much plastic as possible from our packages. Today Unipro has reduced the use of plastic already by 1Tonne annually. This was achieved by re-designing the adapter-, connector- and track packages.

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