Unipro lighting tracks for surface and recessed mounting

Unipro lighting tracks are designed to be compatible with most common spotlight systems. With both surface and recessed tracks available, Unipro products are suitable for almost any project.

Unipro’s lighting track frames are manufactured from extruded aluminium, with oxygen-free copper conductors. The insulation profiles inside the frame are both PVC and halogen-free plastic. These materials allow for the highest quality levels and a long lifespan.

Standard lengths are currently 1.2m, 2.4m, 3.6m and 4.8m, but our tracks can easily be cut to any required length on site. For 3-phase lighting tracks there is no need to bend conductors after cutting, however, with Control-DALI tracks the phase conductors must be shortened with 5mm with TCCP copper cutoff pliers.

Unipro’s lighting tracks are tested accordance with the standards EN60570 and EN60598 and are manufactured in Finland.

The standard finishes for Unipro lighting tracks are white, grey and black finishes. All other painted RAL colours are also available by special request.

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